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Duration Features map
Hotel Arctic
A good hotel in town
3 to 6 Days The source of most icebergs in the North Atlantic is Kangia, the ice flow past the town of Ilulissat Quite a few services and activities for travelers.
Iceland & East Greenland
Iceland & KT
7 Day 3 nights in Tasilac then few days in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle.
Ice & Sea
I & S
On Boat

8 or 11 Day

Travel with the locals on the coastal ferry in a land with no inter-town roads.
4 Day Viking history, Inland ice, agriculture, adventure activities.
Iceland & South Greenland
Iceland & N
8 Days 4+ days in Southern Greenland and then onto many of Iceland's major sights for a few days.
Volcanoes & Ice
Iceland & I
9 Days 5 Days in Iceland and 4 in Ilulissat, Greenland with all its ice and day tours.
Eskimo Winter
9 Days A self catering trip that includes a 2 day dog sledding trip and a meal with an Inuit family
East Greenland
1 to 8 Days Hiking, boat tours amongst icebergs, local adventures.

I is Ilulissat
KT is Kulusuk and Tasilaq
N is Narsarsuaq

All of these tours go through Iceland to reach Greenland. (We have sent travelers through Denmark on a few rare occassions) When returning to Iceland the flights require that travelers spend a night in Iceland before they can leave for home; this is because of possible weather delays on Greenland flights.

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