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The Itinerary
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The Hotel
This tour is based in a hotel in the village of Ilulissat. It is a bit simpler than the Hotel Arctic which we use for the Ilulissat Ice Tour and, of course it's less expensive so with this tour you could stay longer or indulge in more activities without adding expense.

Home of the Icebergs
“Ilulissat” is Greenlandic for icebergs. The town is 350 Kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, and at the mouth of the 40-kilometer long Kangia ice-fjord which is always filling and spewing out enormous icebergs from the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a UNESCO

West Greenland for 2 or more days!

You have some choice how long to stay in west Greenland -but all options have a similar structure - you leave the US on an overnight flight to Iceland, arriving at Keflavik airport, and board an Air Iceland flight to Illulissat.

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Why West Greenland?

Most visitors to Ilulissat - with 4,000 people and more than 5,000 sled dogs, find themselves marveling at sights they had never expected to experience. Between the dogs, the volumes of ice, the history, and the elements of an ancient respected culture, Ilulissat truly is a unique destination. If you appreciate the almost mystical qualities of light found in high latitudes, this place, naturally, flaunts those, too! From May 25 until July 23 the Midnight Sun is shines on Ilulissat. From May to September walking and sailing tours are the main options for excursions. Helicopter tours to the world-famous Kangia glacier are available all year round. The sight and sound of dogs is an eloquent statement of the importance of the dog sled as a means of transport, even in a large modern town as Ilulissat. The harbor is filled with fishing vessels showing the importance of fishing in the area. Only alittle over a mile from town is the lush valley of Sermermiut which extends down to the ice fjord. In 1727, this was the site of Greenland's then largest settlement with 250 people. Later excavations have shown that this beautiful valley has been inhabited for thousands of years.
The Itinerary
Reykjavik - Ilulissat - Reykjavik

Day 0: Leave North America.

Day 1: on to Greenland

After early arrival at Iceland’s Keflavik Airport you’ll take a shuttle to the domestic airport for your flight to Ilulissat. When you arrive in Greenland you’ll be met by a representative from Hotel Isfjord and taken to your accommodation. Your stay at Hotel Isfjord Ilulissat includes a lovely room with private bath, as well as breakfast.
Days on Ice:
Your days in Ilulissat depend on your choce of tour length and the flight schedule. You can plan how many days to explore this fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site. You can choose among optional excursions, some of which are listed below or take time on your own to explore. See page 2Back to Iceland:
Leave Green for Ice:
After breakfast at the hotel you’ll head to the airport for the midday flight back to Reykjavik - lunch during flight.
Overnight in Reykjavik at a hotel, which is included in the price. Last night out!Departure Day: Return home with Icelandair, or continue with more Iceland Adventures.

Day Tours Available

The location of Ilulissat is breathtaking - all year round huge icebergs raising more than hundred meters above sea level are stranded at the mouth of the fiord. These icebergs are all products of the mighty and most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere; The Ilulissat Glacier gives birth daily to 20 million tons of ice which also explains why it is included on the World Heritage list. The indicated prices are per person unless otherwise stated. Prices may change without prior notice due to specific conditions at the time and place of the excursion. Please note that not all excursions are available during every tour-program that includes this destination. Check with hotel for a list of excursions available

.The Icebergs of Sermermiut
By bus as far as the road goes. A beautiful walk along the UNESCO designated Ilulissat Ice Fiord to Sermermiut where traces from the 3 old Eskimo cultures still can be seen. Sermermiut is a fertile valley next to the Ice Fiord; here you can enjoy the flowers as well as the fantastic icebergs
*3 hours, DKK 350 (about $60) including refreshment
Hunter’s Settlement - Rodebay
By boat to the small settlement Oqaitsut/Rodebay with a local population of about 40 persons totally depending upon fishing and hunting - a quite different world compared to the nearby town of Ilulissat. Guided walk through the village before you enjoy lunch at the old trading station. *6 hours DKK 1350 (about $232) including lunch
Midnight Cruise to the Ice Fjord
The midnight sun and the warm red colors reflecting in the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight. Cruise between the icebergs and enjoy a late Martini on “the real rocks”!Season for midnight sun is approx. 22may-24jul. Outside this season the excursion is operated as an evening cruise with the beautiful sunset reflecting over the icebergs. *3 hours DKK 700 (about $120)
Hunter's Settlement - Ilimanaq
By boat to the settlement of Ilimanaq, which is situated just south of the Kangia Ice Fiord. Ilimanaq has a population of approx. 80 persons mainly depending upon fishing and hunting. A completely different world compared to the town of Ilulissat. Upon arrival you’ll have a guided tour of the settlement before enjoying lunch with a local family. Can also be operated by night at a smaller surcharge of DKK 250 (about $43 additional) per person.
Mon/Wed/Fri *6 hours, DKK 1350 (about $235) including lunch
Home Visit
Visit a Greenland home, enjoy the "Coffee-Mik" (a cup of coffee which by tradition is served to all visitors) and learn about Greenland and its population. *2 hours, DKK 200 (about $35)
Eqip - The Calving Glacier
Eqip glacier is the only glacier in the Ilulissat area where you can often experience a glacier calving. Cruise in front of the 5 km wide glacier - enjoying lunch - and hope for the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery”. A lot of seabirds know from experience that any calving from the glacier will result in a huge meal as the new iceberg turns in the water, bringing a lot of sea animals to the surface. *8 hours, DKK 1995 (about $345) ncluding lunch
Fishing tour
Sail to the fishing spot of the day, most probably near Bredebugt or at the mouth of the Ilulissat Ice Fiord. While waiting for your catch you’ll have time to enjoy your beautiful surroundings. By the end of the day you will hopefully bring home different sorts of fish like cod, halibut, redfish and catfish. *4 hours, DKK 1300 (about $225)
Feeding the huskies
Ilulissat is sledge-area and the approximately 3500 dogs in town are still used for both work and fun every winter. We invite you to join the feeding of a dog team. You can see, feel, touch and most of all hear the howling of 20 hungry dogs. The owner will demonstrate the sledge and the harness and tell about life as a sledge dog in Greenland. Good shoes advised! *1 hour, DKK 200 (about $35)
By Helicopter Deluxe to the Ice Cap
As a new service you can now pre-book this helicopter excursion in Ilulissat.Fly over mountains to the big glacier at the end of the Icefjord where you land in front of the glacier wall to enjoy the scenery with a glass of champagne. Then follow the fjord for 55 km to open sea and circle over huge icebergs before landing. Actual tour depends on helicopter available. During the flight you’ll cruise in low altitude over the Ilulissat Ice Fiord which is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Operation depends on weather and helicopter capacity. *8 hours, DKK 2995 (about $515)
Whale Safari
You’ll go out by boat intoDisko Bay to spot whales. In the summer, humback whales come to Disko Bay to feed on the capelin, a small herring-like fish. As the humback whales are protected they are very
trusting and can often be enjoyed at close range. However, as this is not a zoo there is of course no guarantee for seeing the whales.*5 hours, DKK 1000 (about $175)
*Expedition times are approximate.

pdf There is a PDF that has the information for Ilulissat Village


Dates and Prices
June,July,August,Standard Plus
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Standard Plus
3 day $3,180
4 day $3,421
5 day $3,552
6 day $3,902
April,May,Sept Standard Plus
per person/double occupancy
3 day $2,983
4 day $3,180
5 day $3,377
6 day $3,573

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2013 Price includes round trip airfare to Iceland , including fuel surcharge and departure taxes, from Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Washington Dulles International Airport, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, Halifax and Europe. Note: Not all gateways have daily departures. Also includes most airport transfers, flights to and from Greenland, hotels with private bath, breakfast every day, English speaking guides.
Not included in the price are travel insurance, meals other than breakfast in Iceland and Greenland, optional tours or excursions in Iceland and Greenland.
Day tours are booked, and paid for, once you are in Greenland.
Prices for local tours are listed in Danish Kronur, (DKK) as that’s the currency used in Greenland. See www.xe.com for latest conversions from $US to DKK Most tours and purchases can be made by credit card.
Hotel Isfjord
At Hotel Isfjord you have the opportunity to book three different types of rooms. All rooms have one thing in common - a nice touch in all details. They are decorated in a simple style with inspiration from the Greenlandic nature and culture. There are magnificent views to the Disko Bay with the majestic icebergs from all rooms. All rooms have shower and toilet, television, and wireless internet access.

Flying is the only way to travel between communities in most of Grenland. The aircraft that serve Greenland fly from one remote area to another and any delays at one airport is telegraphed through the system. Because of this, we build some flexibility into any Greenland program. Travel between Iceland and Greenland can be uncertain as well, so we never schedule a flight back to the US from Iceland on the same day as you return from Greenland. Most packages include a final night’s accommodations in Iceland.



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