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Iceland and South Greenland
The Vikings

An impressive tour that lets you experience some of the best of two very interesting, very different northern islands - Iceland and Greenland. This 9 day adventure shows the amazing diversity of nature and culture in these ancient lands  with boiling water spouts, geothermal springs and mighty waterfalls on the small green island, and the inland ice cap, ice filled fjords and ancient Inuit and Viking culture on the large icey one. You can follow the Viking trails first blazed by Eric the Red over 1000 years ago.
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Dates and Prices
Here's an outline of the itinerary. The time in Greenland can be less structured than the Iceland time but the activities and the guides are very good.

Overnight flght to Iceland

Travelers from North America leave for Iceland on an overnight flight with an early morning arrival at Keflavik Airport in Iceland.

Welcome to Iceland

You have a voucher for the airport shuttle which will drop you off at your hotel in Reykjavik, where you'll stay for the next 3 nights. Then you can set out to see some of Iceland's capital. We'll provide lots of ideas for what to see and do. Breakfast is included all mornings except arrival day, dinner included all nights except departure day.

Reykjavik to South Greenland
After breakfast you’ll have the morning free to check and out explore. Early afternoon you’ll be taken to the Reykjavik domestic airport for your flight to Narsarsuaq - there’s a two hour time difference, so you’ll land not much later than you took off.
Once in Greenland you’ll be in the capable hands of the Arctic Adventure guide who will get you to the boat which will take you down Eric’s Fjord, to South Greenland’s biggest town of Qaqortoq, and on to your hotel for check-in. There’s an informational meeting and a guided city walk. Then you can enjoy some of the optional excursions. Breakfast included all mornings and dinner included all nights in Greenland.

Qaqortoq is the biggest town in South Greenland.
Situated near the big lake "Storesøen" with rising mountains in the background of the city.
Many students come here to study, and therefore, the town is full of life most of the year. FIFA has decided to sponsor the only grass covered soccer field in Greenland.
Old colonial houses show the history of the town, while new big modern houses rise up along the cliff wall, all with splendid views over the open sea. A real town of contrasts.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Optional Tours in Qartoq
A Hike around Storesøeng

Hike around the big lake "storesøen" located right outside the town.
Enjoy the beautiful Greenlandic countryside on this 12 km hike. Coffee and tea will be served in route, while enjoying the scenery and the back of the town.
*4-5 hours,Price: DKK 550 including lunch ($101)
Hvalsey Church Ruin
Beautiful sailing into the Hvalsey Fiord around the Arpatsivik island to Hvalsey, where you’ll visit the old norse ruins including the church ruin which is the most well preserved from the Norse period.
A wedding in the church in 1309 is the last written confirmation that there is from the Norse settlement in Greenland.
*3 hours, Price: DKK 600 including refreshment, ($110)
Hot springs of Uunartoq

A visit to the hot springs in Uunartoq includes an amazing boat trip into arctic nature, before arriving at the hot springs.
1-1.5 hour stop gives you time to enjoy the hot pools and the contrast of icebergs floating by.
*4-5 hours,Price: DKK 1300 ($240)
Boat excursion to Inland Ice Cap

By boat to the inland ice cap. If the weather permits we go ashore very close to glaciers. From here we get the chance to see the Ice cap from below, and fell the massive power of nature.
*5 hours,Price: DKK 1300 ($240)
Coffee mik
Come join a local family for a cup of coffee.
The Greenlanders are famous for opening up their houses, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.
The latest gossip is shared and it will also be possible to see the national suit and learn about a life so very isolated from the rest of the world.
*1.5 hour,Price: DKK 150 ($28)


With its international airport, Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland. It is situated at the end of Erics Fiord next to the original settlement of Eric the Red and the beautiful Qoqoroq glacier.

Narsarsuaq day

There will be optional excursions available in Narsarsuaq. Your hotel will be able to book these for you, and you can pay for them with a credit card. Please note that as with everything in Greenland, the availability of these tours is affected by the weather. Breakfast and dinner is included in the package while lunch is included in many of the day tours, otherwise it’s on your own.
Eric the Red's Viking Ruins
You’ll cross Eric's Fiord by boat and go ashore at the sheep breeding settlement of Qassiarsuk, which is situated where Eric the Red settled in the year 985, and named his farm "Brattahlið". Visit the ruins of Eric's Farm and Thorhildur's church, the first christian church on the American continent.
3 hours, Price: DKK 500 ($92)
The Village of Igaliku
Travel by boat through the ice filled Eric's Fiord to Itilleq where you will go ashore next to some of the biggest agricultural fields in South Greenland. Walk 3 km (transportation can be arranged at a surcharge) to Igaliku - a beautiful village where the ruins of the Vikings' Cathedral and Bishop's Farm are located. After lunch, walk 3 km back through the village to Itilleq and return toNarsarsuaq by boat.
8 hours, Price: DKK 1200 including lunch ($220)
Qoqoroq Ice Fiord
The Greenland Ice Cap produces 250 million. tons of ice every year when icebergs calve off the glaciers. The Qoqoroq Glacier is filling the fiord with beautiful white and blue icebergs. Cruise in between the icebergs and go as close to the calving glacier as possible. Here they’ll turn off the engine to enjoy the silence which is only disturbed by the creaking ice.
3 hours, Price: DKK 600 including refreshment ($110)
A Hike to the Ice Cap
Participants need to be able to walk at least 6 km in mountain terrain. You’ll go by bus as far as the road goes and continue by foot through the "Flower Valley" where the colorful sub arctic flora are (in season, of course). Lunch at the top of a 300 m high mountain from where there is a fantastic view over the glacier and Ice Cap. If you are in good physical shape it will be possible to walk down and touch the Ice Cap.
8 hours, Price: DKK 550 including lunch ($101)
By Helicopter to the Ice Cap
Fly by helicopter to Bredefiord. A ground stop makes it possible to leave the helicopter and enjoy the fantastic scenery of the beautiful Ice filled fiord, and to the north, the Inland Ice Cap. Alternative routing depending on weather.
Operation depends on weather and helicopter capacity. Min. 15 participants. Can only be booked locally!
1 hour, Price: DKK 2000 ($368)
Short Hike to the Ridge
Drive by bus to the beginning of the ridge. Here there are a great varity of flowers and plants. From the top you’ll have an amazing view over the Flower Valley, the river, the fiord and the Narsarsuaq Glacier. 3 hours, Price: DKK 250 All prices of boat excursions are listed as start/end Narsarsuaq Harbour, which is situated approx. 1½ km from the hotel or about a 15min. easy walk. Optional transport by bus available at DKK 25 per person one way, and has to be paid directly on the spot. ($46)

All prices of boat excursions are listed as start/end Narsarsuaq Harbour, which is situated approx. 1½ km from the hotel or about a 15min. easy walk. Optional transport by bus available at DKK 25 ($5) per person one way, and has to be paid directly on the spot.

Farewell Greenland, hello again, Iceland!

After breakfast you'll reverse your arrival process. Your guide will get you from Narsarsuaq pier to the airport to catch the afternoon flight to Reykjavik, with lunch on the plane. You’ll lose the two hours you gained on your way to Greenland, so you’ll be arriving in Reykjavik’s domestic airport at 6:30 PM. From there, you’ll be taken to your hotel. This might be a good night to sample one of Iceland’s more upscale restaurants, and if you're hardy, some of its famous nightlife.

Reykjavik Sightseeing

After breakfast at the hotel you’ll have a morning city sightseeing tour of Reykjavik including the town of Hafnarfjordur where you’ll briefly visit the Fish Market, the open Air Museum Arbær, one of the outdoor swimming pools and the towering Hallgrim's Church. You’ll also pass through the old town, the harbor, the summit-meeting house Höfdi and the House of Parliament.

Afternoon of leisure in Reykjavik.
Optional excursion to Blue Lagoon (not incl.), or an alternative could be to stay in Reykjavik using one of the many local geothermal swimming pools - a perfect way to meet the Icelanders.

Golden Circle

This tour takes you to some “must see” sights of Iceland on the Golden Circle Tour. From the geothermal valley of Haukadalur, home of Geysir, the original boiling water spout, to the double waterfalls at Gullfoss, then national park at Thingvellir, where Europe’s first parliament started meeting in the ninth century, and the greenhouse village of Hveragerdi, you’ll see parts of Iceland’s complex history and unusual landscape.

Going Home

After breakfast at your hotel you’ll have a long morning to check out, relax, see a bit more of the city. You’ll have a voucher for the Flybus shuttle which will have you at Keflavik Airport in time for your flight. There are also day tours which offer some sight-seeing, followed by a late afternoon drop off at Keflavik Airport in time for your flights.

A south Greenland town
Narsaq means "the plain" in Greenlandic, and the name is due to the large green plain on which the town lies. With its central location in a huge complex of fjords, Narsaq is a good place to begin a tour of South Greenland. The glaciers north of the town ensure that there are almost always icebergs around Narsaq, and the fjords around the Narsaq peninsula are rich in seals, salmon, trout and minke whales. The temperature varies from plus 22° C (72° F) in the summer to minus 17° C (1°F) in the winter.Narsaq is the starting point for many activities and excursions. It has a population of more than 2000 people, many of whom are fisherman or sheep farmers. As the town is situated close to the ice cap, boat trips to glaciers are very impressive, and visits to Norse ruins and long hikes are also popular activities. The valleys and mountains in Narsaq s hinterland are paradise for those interested in geology. The area has many rare and unique rocks and minerals that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Dates, Prices* 2014
There are departures every Monday in July and August in 2014
The price for our Iceland and South Greenland Adventure depends on your choice of hotel in Iceland. We offer it with a comfortable 3 Star hotel in a very convenient location at $4917 per person, double occupancy or $6049 single.
If you'd rather a 4 Star Hotel, with plenty of amenities and great location, this will be $5047 per person, double occupancy, or $6179 single. These prices are subject to hotel availability.
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*Price includes round trip airfare, including fuel surcharge and departure taxes,from Boston, New York, and Washington Dulles International Airport. Ask about Denver, Minneapolis, Anchorage, Seattle, and Toronto. Note: Not all gateways have daily departures. Also includes transfers to and from Keflavik Airport, 4 nights in Iceland in double rooms in 3 or 4 star hotels, all with private bath, with breakfast every day, dinner each night, 2 day tours with hotel pick up and drop off, Air Iceland flights to and from Narsarsuaq, 3 nights in double rooms at the Hotel Qaqotoq and 1 night at Hotel Narsarsuaq or similar with private bath, breakfast, and dinner, local guide to assist with airport transfers and excursion booking.
*Not included in the price are travel insurance, lunches in Greenland, lunches in Iceland, and optional excursions in Greenland, which can only be booked locally.

Please note: All bookings in Greenland are subject to Special Conditions, to which you must agree to when booking! Arctic weather conditions and limited capacity in Greenland may cause traffic delays resulting in interruptions, limitations or changes in the itinerary. This may result in extra expenses to cover meals, hotel accommodation and/or transportation not foreseen in the program. Such expenses have to be paid directly by travelers themselves. The tour operator cannot accept any responsibility, economic or otherwise for such changes.

Currency in Greenland is the Danish Kronur (DKK) which is available in Icelandic at the airport banks or the Forex in downtown Reykjavik , so you should change some currency into DKK while in Iceland. Credit cards are often accepted .PINs are usually needed. Check www.xe.com for exchange rates.

Hotel Descriptions
Hotel Qaqortoq Located centrally in Qaqortoq. 21 rooms with twin beds, private facilities, TV, coffee & tea amenities. Hotel facilities: Restaurant and bar.
Hotel Narsarsuaq
Located centrally in Qaqortoq. 21 rooms with twin beds, private facilities, TV, coffee & tea amenities. Hotel facilities: Restaurant and bar. Grand Hotel Reykjavik
Grand Hotel Reykjavík is a first-class hotel for business travelers, conference guests and tourists who demand excellent service and facilities. The Grand Hotel is now the largest hotel in Iceland with a total of 312 rooms\, a soaring lobby with distinctive Nordic art, an array of conference and meeting rooms, large and small, a fitness center and spa. The hotel is known for having some of the largest rooms of any hotel in Icleand, and now it goes up too—the Grand Tower rooms offer delightful views from their 14 stories. The hotel is situated in a quiet area within a short distance from all services, recreation and business centers and just a couple of short blocks to the city’s largest outdoor swimming pool at Laugardalaur. Great combination of first class rooms and amenities, interesting design and great for hot-water- lovers!
pdf There is a PDF that has the information for Iceland and South Greenland

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