November 2006 trip to Greenland
Western Greenland
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Holly Nelson. Brad Vogel
With thanks to Air Greenland for their generosity and to Peter Bastrup's Guidance
10Sarfanguaq-harbor 11SARF~1 12Sarfanguaq-settlement 13boat-leaving-Sisimiut 14Sisimiut-dogs 15Sisimiut-outer-harbor
Sarfanguaq harbor Sarfanguaq, fishing station The Sarfanguaq Setttlement Fishing Boat leaving Sisimiut Sisimiut Dog Valley Sisimiut, the outer harbor
1Russel-glacier-near-Kang 2Russel-glacier 3helcopter-glacier 4inland-ice 5inland-ice-hump 5Nuuk-pool
Russel Glacier, Ice Ice and Sky, Russel Glacier Helcopter on the Inland Ice Edge of the Inland Ice An Ice Hump on the Inland Ice Nuuk, the Simming Pool
6.5inland-ice-near-Nuuk 6lake-near-Kang 7visiting-the-inland-ice 8shore-Sarfanguaq 9Sarfanguaq-dawn
Inland Ice near Kangerlussuaq Frozen Lake near Kangerlussuaq Visiting the Inland Ice The Shore at Sarfanguaq Sarfanguaq Dawn.
Here are a few photos from September '08 trip to western Greenland

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Dog sledging, Angmassilik