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Arctic Greenland

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The Arctic in Greenland has many unique characterisitcs missing from other Arctic areas like Svalbard, Alaska and it's not much like the Antarctic in many ways.

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There are many aspects to Greenland that attract a traveler. One that we find quite fascinating is that human beings have found themselves able to survive for thousands of years in a climate and ecology that seems bereft of any coddling of our species.

In Greenland the Cash Economy is bringing about profound and swift changes to the country and the inhabitants; inhabitants both native and imigrant.

The landscape is showing changes as things warm up. Our ten year relationship with Greenland shows us only a hint of this, but the old timers assure us it's there.

We notice that there is more engine driven transportation over a few years. Dog sleds are still important to a large part of the community. We've traveled a sledge trail, with a hunter, that connects several settlements to their best seal hunting grounds and met six or eight sledges bringing seals back. We were also passed by two snow machines that two of the kids of the party jumped on back of .

The pull of modernity comes from all directions. Villages we've visited have for years had skateboard ramps and half-pipes. Mining for coal has a small but long history and with the weakening ties to Denmark with it's subsidies may be supplanted by miners and oilmen.

An interest in the Inuit culture and its artifacts led us to make several Greenlandic kayaks - but that is another story. Here are some photos and words - if that interests you. We constantly marvel that human beings could come up with the technologies to survive in these environs! Motorboats are a big part of life now. However, in most of the towns, if you go down to the habor you'll see racks of kayaks. Many of them are plastic, like we'd buy from EMS. But a lot of them are skin on frame boats and a few of them will be covered with seal skin .

The land is absolutely amazing. Viewing features of the landscape only the natives can tell the distance. Even long term European residents always underestimate their distance.

It is all changing slowly but a changeless quality does pervade most of the time and in many places.

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West Greenland
Just above the Arctic Circle at Kangerlussuaq
We (Holly) spotted this beauty looking over a ridge at us

Hunting in the half light
Ilulissat, Disco Bay


Riga Station Road
Millerton, NY 12546
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