We still place a high value on clients who come to us via the web even though we've matured past a major web presence.

We're leaving up a lot of our background material for those who share an interest in Greenland even though we're only featuring one tour in Greenland (so far, anyway)

What we have is an eight day tour on a sailing vessel going around the sparse towns and settlements, and into some of the fjords, of East Greenland.

A few restrictions because of the basic access to the landings but this is sure to be a life long memory for the travelers who sign on!

S/V REmbrandt Van Rijn

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East Greenland
A short flight from Iceland; 1 day trips are possible. A little less European influence since it was isolated for a very long time.
South Greenland
The Vikings discovered green fields here before they journied on to America in 1000 A.D. Ancient ruins and sites, plus Inuit culture
West Greenland
Unique experiences and observations at the source of most of the North Atlantic's icebergs.
Iceland and East Greenland

Volcanoes & Ice

Winter Dog Sledding  

Ilulissat Village


Ilulissat Overlooking the Ice

 Ice and Sea

With hunters on the sledge trail

Kulusuk, East Greenland
The daily sled from Kap Dan to the airport

Greenland Changes
Many glaciers are receding, as the weight of ice is reduced and the land rebounds, new islands are even appearing. And, a population of self-reliant people are joining the world’s Cash Economy.
The changes in the essential qualities of the land aren’t evident to us in our short history of travel to and within Greenland. The scale/grandeur of this realm is so far from our quotidian world that it has always taken us a few days to get our senses on board. (Visually estimating distances in Gld is a skill we’ll never develop, however.)
The Greenlanders we’ve dealt with may have been changing also, but their basic quality - “nuannaarpoq” remains. Nuannaarpoq  an Inuit word that connotes a deep satisfaction and ease, with life and their world.
Travel seems to bring this characteristic out best. We experienced it when we were taken on a thirty mile dog sledge trip by a hunter who spoke no English, no Danish, nor even the world wide Inuktitut. (He was East Greenlandic. A population whose language was altered from its origins by long years of separation from the larger populations.)
One marked change we've seen is the decrease in dogs and a slow, steady increase in internal combustion machines.
One of us [BV] has always been interested in the Inuit culture and artifacts and built (and rebuilt) several Greenlandic kayaks - but that is another story. Here are some photos and words, if that interests you. We constantly marvel that human beings could come up with the technologies to survive in these environs!) East Greenland is easy to reach from Iceland and offers a glimpse of a culture far removed from the modern "busyness" world. A visit is also a way to experience landscapes very few people have seen. There are only a few settlements and towns on this coast and an awful lot of their lives revolve around hunting, fishing and their dogs. There are not the huge, mountain-sized icebergs that one expects in, say, Ilulissat but the seas are full of bergs from bread box size to those that would dwarf a four car garage The West Coast has relics of the Viking settlements from 1,000 years ago, access to the ice cap and icebergs of sizes and volumes that warrant inclusion of parts as UN Heritage Sites. A number of calving glaciers and the southward sweep of ice bergs from the Denmark Straits puts quite of ice in Southern waters. Pastoralism was instituted by the Vikings and sheep raising is practical and practiced. Even a few potato fields; the term Banana Coast is really just a joke, though.

Musk Ox, West Greenland
A beauty near Kangerelusuaq
Greenland areas (via Iceland) The only regular routes to Greenland are through Copenhagen, Denmark (which we do, also) or Reykjavik, Iceland..

Sea and Ice Fly into Ilulissat for some time around Disco Bay then take the coastal steamer from village to village for 3 days until you reach the southern town of Narsaq. A stay in Narsaq rounds out your experiencing West Greenland.

West - Ilulissat is the edge of the north of Greenland, birthplace of Knud Rasmussen, home to thousands of working dogs and most importantly a World Heritage Site known for the volume and size of ice bergs coming off of the nearby glaciers and filling the bay.

East - Kulusuk and Amassalik (Tasiliik). Below the Circle. Never ice-free and because of that the only area that allows dogs (many, many) below the Arctic Circle. A one or two day trip from Iceland is easy to accomplish. We can send you to the village of Kulusuk on a day tour!

South, Narsaq and Qaqortoq in South Greenland Viking ruins, Iceberg and Glaciers and Icebergs and green fertile fields, tiny settlements and calving icebergs. Icebergs and field ice are occasionally thick in the sea. In open water whales sometimes are spotted.
Eric the Red settled here over one thousnad years ago and his Leif left from this area to start the exploration of North America.

Disko Bay, Ilulisat,in the west
Most of the icebergs in the North Atlantic are born here.

Disko Bay
Most of the photos on this website were taken on our trips

Combined travel - Iceland and Greenland

Iceland - East Greenland & Iceland Visits to Iceland's most popular natural wonders combined with a stay in a primordial area of Greenland.

Combined - Iceland & South Greenland Viking relics,whales, Inuit life and history combine with glaciers and icebergs and access to the ice cap.

Fire and Ice Iceland and West Greenland A 10 day tour with the best of both spots. Touring Reykjavik and South Iceland then a few days in thehome of the icebergs - Illulissat.


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